HFP - 20 Induction Brazer

Model: HFP-20

Description: Extremely easy to
operate, this flexible machine
allows for a variety of applications.

Coils can be shaped to
your work piece.

Ideal for: Cutters, Groovers
or any brazed part.

Model HFP-20
Rated Power Output 7KW
Working Frequency 50-100KHz
Input Power 220V/50Hz(3 phases)
Working Voltage 200-240V
Working Frequency 50-100KHz
Input Current 42A
Water Flow 15L/min(0.1Mpa)
Weight 28KGv
Weight 90 LB

PM069 - Automatic
Saw Blade Polisher

Model: PM069

Description: AUTOMATIC

Easy operation, water cooling system, wet polishing, no deform, clear lines and high accuracy. The machine is equipped with an automatic braking stop system which improves efficiency, saving you on both time and labor!

Technical parameters
Diameter of saw blade φ80 ~ φ800mm
Arbor of saw blade φ10 ~ φ150mm
Power supply voltage 220V
Total power 3.2KW
Operating pressure 0.6mpa
Arbor of wheel φ32mm
Diameter of wheel φ250mm
Rotation speed of Wheel About 1400r/min
Rotation speed of turntable Between 150 - 200 r/min,
automatic adjustment
Coolant tank capacity 80L
Cooling pump flow rate 24L/min
Dimensions 1700 × 1650 × 1400mm
Gross Weight 50 kg