1 OZ Silver Solder .062 Thick- (SB50Ni2)



SILVERBRAZE Silver Solder | 50 Ni2 (SB50Ni2)

Silver solder used for brazing. Sold in Coil Strip.

Price is for 1 Troy OZ

Size: .062" Thick

  • Ag:      50.00%
  • Cu:      20.00%
  • Zn:      28.00%
  • Ni:       2.00%


  • Melting Point (Solidus):        1220 F
  • Flow Point (Liquidus):        1305 F

In tests at room temperature, torch brazed, “wiped” butt joints yielded the following average results:

Tensile Strength Lbs./Sq. In.    Elongation % in 2”
STAINLESS STEEL (18-8 ANNEALED)    69,500-88,000    1-9
1020 STEEL (COLD ROLLED)    66,000-73,000    15.25

Silverbraze 50ni2 (SB50Ni2) conforms to AWS BAg-24 specifications and showed the same order of resistance to interface corrosion as AWS BAg-3 material when joints of 304 stainless steel were exposed to running tap water for 17 days.  For the same period in parallel tests with 430 stainless, SB50Ni2 showed appreciable interface corrosion whereas bag-3 material showed only incipient corrosion at the feather edges of the fillet.

When stainless steels are brazed with flux, it appears that oxidation and subsequent solution of the chromic oxide in the molten flux selectively remove chromium (Cr) from the surface.  This leaves a thin layer of chromium-free iron (Fe) which is attacked by aerated water particularly when chlorides are present.  However, some of the small amount of nickel (Ni) contained in SB50Ni2 apparently concentrates at the braze interface increasing the resistance to corrosion of the vulnerable area, and for most applications of 300 series steels this suffices.  For the 400 series steels, the corrosion is retarded but not stopped by the SB50Ni2

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