Carbide Insert Knife 14.3mm x 14.3mm x 2.0mm ShinMax & Steel City - Box of 10

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Carbide Insert Knife: 14.3mm x 14.3mm x 2.0mm | 2 Edge

Shape - Square
Length - 14.3 mm
Width - 14.3 mm
Thickness - 2.0 mm
Holes - 1
Bevel - 40 degree
Cutting Edges - 2
Fits - Steel City / Shinmax™ Cutterheads

Also Fits - Cutech Tool / Jointer Models: 40700H-CT, 4700HC-CT, 40100H-CT, 40600H-80100-CT, 40200H-CT, 40600HC-80100-CT, and 40200HC-CT (that have the spiral head). Our knives replace the Cutech knife # 40930 (HSS) and the 40938 Carbide version.


Long wearing solid C3 carbide indexable insert knives (ICKs) are offered in dozens of standard sizes for wood surfacing, cutterheads, groovers, helical / cutter heads, and other woodworking applications. Polished to a mirror finish for smoother cutting and longer tool life.


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