CGNC1430 GORILLA Grade Nail Cutting 14 x 120 x 1 x 30 Hk 0° Kerf.180 Modified Triple Chip



CGNC1430 - GORILLA Pallet Recycle Saw Blade

Our nail cutting series saws are built with our unique NC15 Nail Cutting Carbide to cut through nails and staples like butter. If you are working with recycled lumber, it's important to have the correct saw blade. Try these blades, you’ll never use another nail cutting saw again. 

  • 14" x .120" x 1.00” Bore x 30 Teeth
  • Hook: 0°
  • Kerf: .180"
  • Grind: Modified Triple Chip Grind
  • Grade of Carbide: NC15 Nail Cutting

Packaged individually in plain white boxes with a protective plastic sleeve on the carbide tips to ensure safe shipping. 

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